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Additional Services

Swim Form Analysis

Our swim formanalysis packages are some of our most popular services. Have an expert eye disect your swim form to help you gain free speed and efficiency in the water. Our analysis comes with feedback and drill suggestions t o work into your training regiment.

Training/Racing/Fueling Consultation

Not looking for 1-on-1 coaching but still want to make sure you are structuring your season/blocks appropriately? Let us help you make sure you are applying appropriate stress to the system without flying blind.

Threshold Heart Rate Testing

Training zones are the backbone to any worthwhile training plan. Lactate Threshold testing can help establish zones so you ensure you're time spent training benefits your aerobic development


Periodically, our Coaches will offer clinics on specific skills relating to triathlon. If you're interested in a clinic on a  particular topic, reach out and we can see what we can arrange.

Private Coaching

If you're looking for an expert eye to be by your side, providing sport specific feedback during a single session (swim, bike, or run), this is the service for you.

Functional Threshold Power Testing

Functional Threshold Power Testing (FTP) can be used to develop cycling training zones based on power. If you prefer this over heart rate, we can help you set your numbers.

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