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About Grn Mchn

Grn Mchn Multisports was born out of the belief that quality coaching should be accessible to all athletes, not just those with deep pockets. We aim to provide balance between the appealing price of a "cookie-cutter" coaching system and the fortune that many athletes dump into custom coaching.

With Grn Mchn Multisports, you can rest assured that your season plan was hand-crafted to your specific needs as an athlete. We sit down with all of our athletes to develop a game plan for each major racing phase of the year. Using backwards design, we craft the season by first laying out major events, training blocks, then prescribing specific workouts.

Since training without goals is merely exercising, every prescribed workout has a goal and purpose. We believe that long term success is only achieved when an athlete is patient, diligent, and consistently following a purposely written plan. Our plans prioritize development of the aerobic system, race specific energy management and injury prevention. We also believe there's more than one way to build durability. We find it safest to apply the majority of the intensity on the bike. Runners love their MEGA long runs, but we have kept our athlete's exposure to injury at a minimum through the use of frequent runs and split long runs. Our main principle of consistency is tarnished if an athlete is sidelined with an injury.

Our results speak louder than any words, and we have a stable of happy athletes. Grn Mchn Multisports athletes are quick to support one another and we are stronger as a unit than a bunch of individuals. If you wish to become part of this family, feel free to reach out.

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